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Optional time: Unclear liver cancer CT supplement explanation: liver cancer CT

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Generally speaking, CT can detect liver cancer. You can find some place occupying on the CT, and some low -density shadows can often be found. However, for some early small liver cancer, CT may not be found because CT is not considered counting. Sensitive, at this time we recommend that we do magnetic resonance and flattening. Generally speaking, early liver cancer surgery has a good effect. Local treatment can sometimes achieve the ideal effect, such as liver artery embolism, and small trauma. No metastatic liver cancer can also consider liver transplantation surgery. Auxiliary chemotherapy should be performed according to stages to reduce postoperative recurrence. At the same time, it can be combined with ginsenoside G35 auxiliary treatment to assist in reducing toxic and efficiency and improve adverse symptoms. In conjunction with professional therapy to inhibit the recurrence and metastasis of tumors during the same period, improve physical fitness, and improve immunity and disease resistance. #P#, because some of the remedies that have not been clinically certified now, there is still no way to ensure its effectiveness and safety. It is best to treat it through professional liver cancer schemes. If the correct and reasonable treatment can be obtained, the long -term effect of liver cancer is ideal.

Surgical and chemotherapy or the preferred treatment plan for liver cancer. During the treatment, the combination of selenium vitamin chewing tablets has a relatively prominent effect on the treatment of liver cancer. During the period, pay attention to diet and necessary exercise. As long as it is taken care of liver cancer, it is still hopeful, I hope my answer can help you. I also wish patients to recover your health as soon as possible.

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The main clinical manifestations of liver pain are: liver pain, nania bloating, mass lumps in the upper abdomen, jaundice, aspirate swelling, and spleen enlargement. The main prescriptions and prescriptions commonly used in clinical clinical are as described below. [Fangyi] 30 grams of chicken bone grass, 250 grams of field snails. First use the water raising field snail for 24-28 hours, change the water to remove the sludge, wash the field snail meat, make soup with chicken bone grass, and eat for meals. This prescription is clearing heat and dampness, relieving liver and relieving pain, and folks are often used for jaundice hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, and early liver cancer. [Fang 2] 60 grams of dry mice. Add an appropriate amount of water, decoction 2 times, mix it in 4 times, 1 dose daily. This side is Yao Shanye, functional blood breaking and moisture, detoxifying and pain, and is suitable for liver cancer pain. [Fang 3] 3 live toads, 1 garlic. Peel the peel, smash the garlic on the toad skin, and apply it to the pain. This prescription is a traditional Chinese medicine Su Baogen, with functional detoxification and analgesics, which is suitable for liver cancer pain. [Fang 4] August, 30 grams each. 1 dose daily, decoction. This prescription originated from the "Daily Anti -Cancer Drug Manual". Experts suggest: prescriptions are generally not suitable for everyone, it is recommended that you choose carefully. Chinese medicine ginsenoside RH2 is an important new achievement of anti -tumor research in recent years. Its efficient and non -toxic treatment of liver cancer has made up for the lack of some drugs and treatment methods in the past. It is reported that ginsenoside RH2 can inhibit liver cancer cell SMMC-7721, liver cancer cell BEL-7404 proliferation, and has the effect of inducing differentiation. It has anti -tumor, improves immunity, and extends the effect of survival during cancer patients.

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