How to check liver cancer?

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Optional time: I don't know how to check liver cancer?Supplementary description: How to check liver cancer?

Jia Baoyun
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can be done for B -ultrasound. If the diagnosis results come out, it is best to treat the correct treatment under the guidance of a doctor, but the treatment time cannot eat spicy and irritating foods. The diet must be light. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetables and fruits have a good effect on alleviating the condition. Pay attention to rest and not overwhelming. It is firmly unable to stay up late. Staying up late will only aggravate the pain of the disease.

39 Health Consulta
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Liver cancer can be detected by clinical symptoms, physical examination, laboratory examination, imaging examination, and puncture biopsy.

Generally, patients with liver cancer do not have obvious clinical symptoms in the early days. After the condition worsen, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, pain in the right upper abdomen, yellowing of the skin, yellowing of the eyes, yellowing of urine, swelling of the liver, and later symptoms of weight loss and depression often occur. After the clinical manifestations are found, doctors will do some examinations in time to judge. If you suspect liver cancer, you usually need to do nail protein tests. If the continuous serum tire protein measured by the radioma is ≥400 micrograms/liters, it does not include pregnancy, active liver disease, reproductive embryo tumor, etc., and consider liver cancer. Then perform further imaging examinations, such as ultrasound, CT and MRI to further diagnose.

If the patient suspects that liver cancer occurs, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time, conduct relevant examinations, and take targeted treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

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