CNLC liver cancer staging

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Ren Xuehua
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CNLC liver cancer generally needs to be staged according to the specific situation.

There are many stages of liver cancer. TNM staging is a common staging method commonly used in clinical practice.T stages usually refer to the size of the tumor.The T1 period usually means that the tumor is isolated and has no vascular violations.Phase T2 means that the tumor is an isolated vascular violation or multiple tumors, with a diameter of less than 5 cm.The T3 period means that the diameter of multiple tumors is greater than 5 cm.Phase T4 refers to the tumor directly invading surrounding tissues or organs and gallbladder perforation.Phase N refers to the existence of lymph nodes.Whether or not lymph nodes transfer to N1, non -N0.M staging refers to whether there is a distant transfer.

It is recommended that patients pay attention to the combination of rest and work in daily life, and do not do what they can do. Exercise can stop, and do not exceed the limit of personal physical fitness.Diet should be quantitative regularly, eat less meals, and reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract.

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