Is it okay to remove liver cancer?

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Onset time: Is it okay to remove liver cancer?Supplementary description: Is it okay to remove liver cancer?

Guan Hanyun
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Early liver cancer is better.

Liver cancer can be removed by surgery.Early liver cancer can achieve the purpose of radical resection through surgery and extend the time of the patient's survival.If it is a middle -stage liver cancer, although surgical resection can be surgically, the prognosis is not good, which is not meaningful to extending the time of survival.Therefore, for patients with middle -stage liver cancer, comprehensive treatment such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy can be selected to extend the time of survival and improve the quality of survival.Liver cancer surgery is risky, and patients are more painful. Generally, the surgery can achieve better results.Therefore, the treatment of early liver cancer is better. If the middle and advanced liver cancer can be cured, surgical treatment can be considered to extend the time of survival.

Patients are recommended to be treated under the guidance of a doctor.

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