Late liver cancer

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Optional time: Unclear explanation of liver cancer for advanced stages: advanced liver cancer cancer

Min Shi Shui
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The overall prognosis of liver cancer is relatively poor. Generally, most of the conditions do not have surgery. It should also be further checked and evaluated the patient's liver function and the physique of the patient. For physical allowance, you can consider taking hepatic arteries and chemotherapy or arterial embolism. In addition, for local lesions, particle implantation can also be considered, or frozen treatment and radio frequency ablation. If there is abnormal liver function, hepat liver -keeping drugs are needed for treatment. Like ginsenoside G35, combined with treatment can also help inhibit tumor blood vessel production and assist the recurrence and metastasis of tumors. Increase immunity after taking a certain cycle, reduce the pain of patients, and improve the quality of survival. #P#, patients with advanced liver cancer, severe condition, more complications, poor physical condition, no meaningful surgery, and no longer toxic and chemotherapy and other western medical treatment. Therefore, it is recommended that patients with advanced liver cancer adopt adoption The method of conservative treatment of traditional Chinese medicine to achieve the purpose of relieving patients' pain symptoms and improving the quality of survival.#P#Tumor size does not determine the length of survival time. Essence The liver cancer mass you mentioned is not very large, and some can reach more than 10 centimeters.


Of course, how long can I live with some specific test results, the patient's psychological tolerance, and the condition of treatment.

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