Harm of liver cancer

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Optional time: Unclear liver cancer hazard supplementary description: liver cancer hazards

Long Guangxing
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The growth and distribution of liver cancer cells If it is not controlled, it will destroy the function of the liver and cause failure, which causes death. This is the serious consequence of the harm of liver cancer. Liver cancer cells also have the ability to attack surrounding tissues and transfer to distant tissues, and continue to grow and reproduce in these organs.

Palace jade
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Hepatogenous encephalopathy is the most dangerous complication, accounting for about 34.9%of the cause of liver cancer. It often occurs at the end of liver cancer. It is mostly caused by severe extensive extensive destruction of liver essence due to liver cancer or combined liver cirrhosis. Incentives are more common in upper gastrointestinal bleeding, infection, electrolyte disorders, application of large amounts of diuretic drugs or ascites, etc., which are low.
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Liver cancer is mainly manifested in liver pain, fatigue, weight loss, jaundice, ascites, etc., obvious appetite, abdominal distension, indigestion, and sometimes nausea and vomiting. There is a hidden pain in the upper right abdomen, the liver is durable or intermittent pain, and sometimes it worsens due to changes in position. According to the patient's condition, individual differences, etc., different treatment methods can be selected, including surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radio frequency discharge, liver arterioscopy, liver transplantation, etc. On the basis of conventional treatment, it can cooperate with ginsenoside G35 assisted therapy, which can help inhibit the infiltration and metastasis of tumor cells. Patients can enhance physical fitness, improve immunity and disease resistance on the one hand. The growth and metastasis of cancer cells improve the quality of survival.

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