Function of liver cancer

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Optional time: Unclear functional supplementary explanation of liver cancer: The function of liver cancer

Wang Zhiguo
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Function of liver cancer, liver function is a monitoring method for liver cell damage. Many people have liver function within the normal range before detecting liver cancer. However, some chronic liver patients, especially those with cirrhosis, are often abnormal. Therefore, pay attention to whether it may cause liver cancer, not liver function. Patients with liver cancer may be normal if they are early. However, there is generally a history of hepatitis, so liver merits are mostly abnormal. I hope to help you ~#P#The function of liver cancer In many liver examination items, liver function is the most familiar item for us, but it is not diagnosed with liver cancer. Sensitive indicators. This is because the liver function compensation is very strong, and it will only be displayed as abnormal after a large area damage. In the early and middle periods of liver cancer, the tumor only occupies a part of the liver, and some liver cells can still work normally.

Liu Yidong
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Patients with liver cancer will have severe symptoms of pain in the liver area, and can also cause peritoneal irritation pain, including reflex pain, tenderness, and muscle tension symptoms. There are also symptoms such as jaundice, general swelling, and anemia. Mainly surgical resection treatment, after surgery, it is necessary to supplement a variety of treatment combined treatment according to the actual situation, including comprehensive treatment such as interventional therapy and targeted immunotherapy. It is recommended that patients with ginseng G35 auxiliary therapy developed with Dr. R & F developed by Dr. R & F, which can help to reduce toxicity and efficiency and reduce the toxic and side effects of drugs. Helping the probability of the diffusion and metastasis of the tumor, it can also improve physical fitness, improve immunity and disease resistance, and help restore physical health.

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