Treat liver cancer

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Optional time: Unclear treatment of liver cancer supplementation: Treatment of liver cancer

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The treatment of liver cancer is mainly based on the classification of liver cancer, the function of the liver, and the general situation of the patient's general situation. The methods that can be selected include surgery, radio frequency ablation, intervention in embolism, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, liver transplantation, etc. During the treatment period, you can take ginsenoside G35 auxiliary treatment according to the situation. With conventional treatment, it can assist in reducing toxic and efficiency, help inhibit the growth and metastasis of cancer cells, improve the physical state of patients, and reduce symptoms. Help promote the treatment of patients, enhance human immunity, and improve the quality of life of patients.

Li Yan
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The question of how much money is needed for the treatment of liver cancer, and the question of how much it costs to treat liver cancer is as follows: Hello! Hepatic cancer intervention needs to be hospitalized, about a week before and after. Generally, the cost of intervention therapy for doctors is 5,000-6000 yuan is only the price of the surgery. In addition, it is necessary to add other costs of hospitalization, filming, infusion, inspection, and so on. The general cost will be around 10,000 yuan. Of course, there will be differences in different condition. In addition, because interventional therapy has certain side effects and the risk of recurrence after treatment, it is often taken to cooperate with Chinese medicine after treatment. The commonly used ginsenoside RH2 (nursinguin). The cost of a course of treatment is about 3,000 yuan, so At present, the effect of good effects in liver cancer intervention therapy.
Zhao Lizhi
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Hello! Generally, the cost of interventional treatment includes all hospitalization costs of about 9,000 yuan, but there will be some differences in different places. To go to a regular hospital, they are implemented in accordance with national charging standards. Hepatoma intervention treatment refers to a regional local chemotherapy that will inject anticancer drugs or embolic agents into hepatic arteries through femoral arterial intubation. It is currently the first choice for non -abdominal surgery to treat liver cancer, and its efficacy has been affirmed. In addition, with the emergence of microstructured intubation techniques, the tumor can be intervened locally without damage to normal liver tissue. Essence It is recommended to cooperate with Chinese medicine ginsenoside RH2 (nursingin, 16.2%) treatment in conjunction with Chinese medicine ginsenoside, which can increase efficiency and reduce poisoning, and alleviate the adverse reactions generated by the treatment.

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