Pestation of liver cancer

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Optional time: Unclear staging instructions for liver cancer: The staging of liver cancer

Liu Zhisheng
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Any cancer, even if surgery or mortar chemotherapy and kill tumors, it is not effective for dormant and drug -resistant cancer cells. Therefore, it is easy to relapse after surgery. It is recommended to use traditional Chinese herbal medicines (Golden Antelopaus Soft liver bileaps) after surgery or after martial chemotherapy. , Reduce pain, so as to achieve long -term tumor survival, and those with good effect can achieve clinical cure.

Xie Shaoshang
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Liver cancer usually uses imaging examination methods to perform liver cancer TNM stages. T refers to tumors, n refers to lymph nodes, and M refers to whether there is a distant metastasis. Depending on the size and number of tumors, the T staging is performed from T0 to T4 respectively. The tumor represents large from scratch, and N means whether there is lymph node metastasis. If there are lymph nodes near the liver or distant lymph nodes, they are all called N1. There is no lymph node transfer called N0. M refers to the distant transfer or not. M0 means that there is no distant transfer. In terms of treatment, it is necessary to judge based on the condition of liver cancer. If the cancer cells have no distant metastasis, the fixed -point embolism treatment can be performed through interventional surgery to control the patient's clinical symptoms. Then chemotherapy, drug -assisted chemotherapy to prevent cancer cells from metastasis. You can also consider comprehensive treatment methods such as liver transplantation, radio frequency ablation, and targeted immunotherapy according to different pathological staging. Ginseng G35 auxiliary therapy can be used in conjunction with Dr. R & F developed, and conventional treatment can play a role in reducing toxicity and efficiency. It can also help inhibit the repeated and metastasis of tumors, improve physical fitness, and improve immunity and disease resistance. #P#Hello, the advanced liver cancer is generally missed the opportunity to treat surgery. At the same time, the development of liver cancer is also relatively fast. It can treat the overall treatment of Chinese medicine. Reduced symptoms and control the growth of lumps. Some patients with clinical clinical patients have been reduced after TCM treatment.

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