Liver cancer prevention

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Wang Gongbing
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To prevent liver cancer from the following points: First, to prevent hepatitis, use hepatitis vaccine to prevent hepatitis and prevent liver cancer one of the way to prevent liver cancer. Those who have injected hepatitis B vaccine can also inject hepatitis B vaccine if they have no hepatitis. But it is estimated that it will take decades to see the effect. In addition to injection of hepatitis B vaccine, you also need to pay attention to the control of other transmission channels, such as diet, surgery, blood transfusion, injection, acupuncture, and haircuts. One of the causes of liver cancer is caused by the virus. To prevent hepatitis B virus, you must also start with dietary hygiene and living. Wash your hands frequently and divide meals. It is worth noting that those with hepatitis cannot be a chef. Reduce nitamine intake, quit smoking, and quit drinking. Smoking and drinking are also not good for fatty liver. Drinking wine, beer, and a small amount of wine can promote blood circulation. In fact, it is not like this. Alcohol is harmful to human body. The gastric mucosa in the stomach has a protective effect on the human body. Alcohol can digest the gastric mucosa, the cells of the stomach are injured, and the toxic substances in the food are easily absorbed by the stomach. In this way, it is easy to cause alcoholic hepatitis, reduce the liver's immune function and the whole body's immune function, and damage the detoxification function of the liver. This is why drinking people with poor detoxification function, which can easily cause alcoholic liver cirrhosis, and some liver cirrhosis will turn into liver cancer.
Li Zhoulan
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Hello, prevent liver cancer:

1. Pay attention to the safety of drinking water. Some drinking water is often contaminated by polychromic benzene, chloroform; the blue -green algae growing in the pond is a strong carcinogenic plant; the testing of the Chinese tests can stimulate the hyperplasia of the bile duct, which can lead to primary nature. Bile duct cancer.

2. Throw the moldy food at home. Especially the mildew corn and peanuts, because these foods contain pyloric ampoxylin, and the metabolic product of patelomycin B1 can cause liver cancer. It is recommended to eat more fresh food.

3. Keep healthy weight, reject obesity, and stay away from diabetes. Obesity and diabetes are important risk factor that induce liver cancer.

4. Quit alcohol. After alcohol enters the human body, it is mainly to decompose metabolism in the liver. The toxicity of alcohol to liver cells causes the decomposition and metabolic obstacles to fatty acids and metabolism, causing intrahepatic fat to deposit and cause fatty liver. The more drinking, the more severe the fatty liver, and the more liver fibrosis can be induced, which can cause liver cirrhosis and even liver cancer.

5. Viral hepatitis is the most important factor in many pathogenic factors of primary liver cancer. There are about 120 million HBSAG positives in China, so they have also become the country with the highest incidence of liver cancer in the world. In particular, hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus is closely related to the incidence of liver cancer. The existence of cirrhosis is the common characteristic of most stem cell carcinoma. About 70%of primary liver cancer occurs on the basis of cirrhosis, and most of them are developed by chronic and hepatitis C.

6. Regular physical examination is the easiest way to discover liver cancer early. Regular physical examinations are recommended, especially high -risk groups (patients with hepatitis B or hepatitis C), it is best to pass the tire protein (AFP) test or B -ultrasound for cancer every six months.

7. Self -examination: Most of the manifestations of liver disease are mainly indigestion symptoms. Once nausea, vomiting, bloating, loss of appetite, fatigue, and greasyness of unknown causes occur. The urine color is obviously yellow, and the color of the stool is light. Be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

39 Health Consulta
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To prevent liver cancer, we should pay attention to diet first. We should avoid overeating and avoid a lot of drinking to avoid aggravating the burden on the liver. It will cause liver disease. You must avoid staying up late, and the damage to the liver is also extremely serious. Proper sports, rich diet can enhance the physique of patients, and prevent patients from being attacked by viruses. Adhere to the medical examination can be discovered early and early treatment. You can also take ginsenoside G35 auxiliary therapy developed by Dr. R & F to help inhibit tumor blood vessel production, improve physical fitness, improve immunity and disease resistance, and assist in preventing lesions.

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