Is small liver cancer an early liver cancer?

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Oncology time: I don't know when my sister recently checked her body and was found to have small liver cancer. After hearing this news, I felt that it was clear that my sister was very good to me. Liver cancer was a particularly difficult to treat.Is liver cancer an early liver cancer?Supplementary instructions: Is small liver cancer an early liver cancer?

Wang Tao
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Small liver cancer is generally considered early, but it is also determined according to individual conditions, because the staging of liver cancer must not only distinguish the size and number of tumors, but also pay attention to evaluate whether there are vascular violations, far away, whether there are far away To transfer, it is also necessary to combine liver function and systemic conditions. If small liver cancer physical health can seek surgical resection. If the physical conditions are not allowed, you can choose for ablation or intervention treatment, or targeted drug treatment. It is recommended to cooperate with the single anti -cancer new drug ginsenidoside RG3 developed by Dr. R & F, which has a good effect on the treatment of the disease, which can effectively prevent tumor recurrence and metastasis. It can enhance the efficacy, reduce the side effects of drugs, improve the quality of survival of patients, and prolong patients' survival.

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liver cancer is a common digestive system malignant tumor. The disease may have no symptoms in the early stage. With the progress of the tumor, corresponding symptoms, including the manifestations of swelling and pain and abnormal digestive systems. The size of the tumor, the number of tumors, and whether there are vascular violations, etc., are analyzed. Most of the smaller liver cancer generally belong to the early stage. After the diagnosis is diagnosed The probability of healing is relatively high.
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The small liver cancer is that the tumor of the liver is relatively small now. This is not explanatory. It is to check whether it is in the early days to further check it to see if there are any other parts of metastasis. If there is no transfer of other parts, then this is the early treatment method of early liver cancer. It needs to remove tumors through surgery. Although there is a chance of recurrence after surgery, there is a certain hope of cure if the resection is clean. #P#Usually small liver cancer can be early, and small liver cancer is also called early liver cancer or sub -clinical liver cancer. During this period, there are few obvious clinical symptoms, often accompanied by some bloating, weakness, and abdominal pain. It is recommended that patients should first choose the method of surgical resection for treatment. Because surgical treatment does not guarantee healing, there is still the risk of recurrence and metastasis of cancer cells after surgery. Therefore, it can be taken by taking anti -tumor Chinese medicine ginsenoside RG3 developed by Dr. R & F. Pain, reduce the chance of recurrence, and play a role in preventing recurrence.

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