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Optional time: Unclear explanation of liver cancer signs: liver cancer signs

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The symptoms of liver cancer include the phenomenon of pain in the liver area, bloating, difference, fatigue, weight loss and other phenomena. Liver cancer in the middle and advanced periods usually occur in liver enlightenment, jaundice, ascites and other signs. Liver cancer can choose different treatment methods according to the stage of patient condition and individual differences, including surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radio frequency discharge, liver artery embolism, liver transplantation, etc. On the basis of conventional treatment, it can cooperate with ginsenoside G35 assisted therapy to help inhibit tumor blood vessels and prevent repeated and metastasis of tumors. With conventional treatment, it can assist in reducing toxic and efficiency, making patients less painful, improving the patient's own immunity, and improving the quality of survival. #P#The onset of liver cancer is relatively concealed, and there are generally no symptoms in the early stage. When patients have obvious clinical symptoms, the condition is often in the middle and late stages. Understanding the important signs of liver cancer is very effective for the treatment of liver cancer. The following mainly introduces some common symptoms of liver cancer.

1. Hepatoblasty: one of the most common characteristic signs of the hepatoplasty. The liver texture is hard, the surface and edge are irregular, and they are often nodular. A few tumors are buried deep in the liver substantial. The right lobe cancer of the liver can significantly increase the right diaphragm muscle.

2. Spleenometer: It is more common in cases of merging liver cirrhosis and portal vein hypertension. Varicular or spleen vein cancers or liver cancer compression of the door vein or spleen vein can also cause congestive spleen mall.

3, ascites: grass yellow or bloody, mostly caused by combined liver cirrhosis, portal hypertension, door vein or hepatic venous cancer thrombus. Local ulceration erosion or liver coagulation dysfunction that is infiltrated with the surface of the liver can cause hemorrhagic ascites.

4, jaundice: When the wide infiltration of cancer can cause hepatocytosis jaundice; when the intrahepatic biliary tube or hepatopathy lymph node enlargement of the biliary tract, blocking jaundice may occur. Sometimes tumor necrosis tissue and blood clots fall off into the biliary tract cause biliary obstruction can occur.

The clinical treatment data of patients with liver cancer after 1578 patients after surgery showed that the "six -sided three -dimensional targeting tumor elimination method" was 100%effective for various discomfort symptoms, and the total effective rate of preventing recurrence was 92.78%. use. #P#, don't be too nervous. Typical symptoms and signs of liver cancer generally appear in the middle and late stages, mainly with liver pain, fatigue, weight loss, jaundice, ascites, etc. Liver cancer should be prevented early, early examination, early surgery. Chinese medicines such as ginsenoside RH2 (nursingin, 16.2%of the content) are usually used to regulate immunity such as Chinese medicine and increase human tolerance. Prevent liver cancer, pay attention to diet nutrition and reasonable rest, and perform appropriate exercise. Several common symptoms of liver cancer, the early manifestations of liver cancer are not typical, and are often easily ignored. The following symptoms can be used for reference:

1. Once appetite is obvious: abdominal bloating, indigestion, sometimes nausea and vomiting;

2. Pain in the right upper abdomen: there may be persistent or intermittent pain in the liver area, and sometimes it can be aggravated due to posture changes;

3. Deficiency, weight loss, unknown thermal and edema;

4, jaundice, ascites, itching of the skin;

5, often manifested as nosebleeds, subcutaneous bleeding, etc.

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