Liver cancer infection

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Optional time: Unclear explanation of liver cancer infection: liver cancer infection

Sun Jie
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Hello, liver cancer is not infectious disease, and other tumors will not be transmitted. No tumor is still evidence of infectious diseases. Live liver cancer cells generally do not excrete the body. Even if a small amount of liver cancer cells run out of the in vitro environment, and even enter another human body, they will soon die or be removed by the immune system of this person. People who close contact with patients with liver cancer or families who care for liver cancer do not have to worry about infecting liver cancer. #P#Hello, many people are worried about whether the primary liver cancer is infected with the problem of infection. Experts introduce that in the case of liver cancer patients in my country, about 90%of them have a history of hepatitis B virus infection, which causes many causes of liver cancer. Infection and cirrhosis are relatively high. Liver cancer is also accompanied by active hepatitis. It is contagious. The cause of liver cancer infection is hepatitis, not liver cancer. Patients with advanced liver cancer have poor physical fitness, and resistance and disease resistance will decline. When treatment, patients should not only supply food supplements, but also through the conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine also arises in the conditioning body of the body. For a decisive role, the conservative treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is the most effective treatment for liver cancer to prolong patients' lives.

Based on test
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Liver cancer itself will not be transmitted, but the most common cause of liver cancer is mainly virus infections such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C. This type of virus infection can be transmitted. In terms of treatment, surgical resection and liver transplantation are emphasized. According to different pathological staging, postoperative postoperative chemotherapy, intervention therapy, targeted immunotherapy, and traditional Chinese medicine treatment can be performed. At the same time, patients should also pay attention to their diet and daily rest. In the treatment, patients are best to cooperate with ginsenoside G35 assisted treatment, which can help reduce toxicity and efficiency, help control the condition, and help reduce toxic stimuli, relieve the toxic stimuli, relieve the relief Symptom response allows patients to be less painful during the treatment, improve the quality of life, and help suppress the diffusion and metastasis of the tumor.

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