Pseudoma genital warts, genital warts,

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Pseudoma genital warts, genital warts, supplementary explanations: pseudo acuminatum, condyloma acuminatum,
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Hello; considering the possibility of vulvritis and pseudochemicosome, it is recommended to discriminate the diagnosis of gynecological acetic acid white tests.#P#If the damage to the male urethral acumin warts occur in the urethra, patients may have urethral discomfort, urine overpassing, naked eye hematuria, secretions from urethral exclusion, urethral blockage, poor urination, or difficulty in urination.These symptoms are obvious in men than women. Men can have ejaculation with blood.Doctors WeChat JRSYER urearal acuminatum occurs in the urethra frequency, urgency, urgency, dysuria, and urinary fluid curve changes.If the disease in the urethra is severely involved in the bladder, bilateral ureteral obstruction can cause renal water, kidney infection, and renal insufficiency. Those who damage the pelvic cavity can cause intestinal obstruction and lower limb edema.

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