Hepatic cancer intervention department

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Optional time: Unclear explanation of liver cancer intervention department: liver cancer intervention section

Xu Chen
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Liver cancer intervention therapy is a scientific treatment method. Interventional treatment of local drug concentration is dozens of times higher than systemic chemotherapy, blocking tumor blood supply, simple, safe, and reliable hepatocytate intervention therapy. , Clear diagnosis, blood vessels, etc. under the circumstances of elder and weak patients of certain diseases, and can be repeated multiple times. Interventional therapy mainly includes vascular intervention therapy and non -vascular intervention therapy. Hemodenal intervention therapy is mainly hepatic arteriochemical embolism. Non -vascular intervention therapy mainly includes local treatment methods such as ablation, particle implantation. It is recommended to take Dr. R & F Ginoside G35 auxiliary therapy, which can enhance the postoperative recovery progress. Combined with conventional treatment can assist in improving efficiency and poisoning, help inhibit the production of tumor blood vessels, and assist the recurrence and metastasis of tumors. Improve physical fitness, enhance human immunity, and improve disease resistance. #P#, the early symptoms of liver cancer are mainly dry, irritable, insomnia, gums and nasal bleeding, accompanied by upper abdomen full, and liver region discomfort. The whole body joint is sore, especially the back of the waist is the most obvious. It is accompanied by anorexia, irritability, and unwell liver region. Repeated diarrhea is accompanied by indigestion and abdominal distension. The treatment effect of gastritis is not obvious or unable to cure, and there is a pain in the liver area, and it gradually worsens. Family history with tumors, especially the history of close relatives with liver cancer, has a relatively large chance of suffering from liver cancer. It should be regularly examined and regularly exercised, regular physical examination, and take Chinese medicine ginsenoside RH2 (nursingin, with a content of 16.2% of the content of 16.2% ), Improve immunity, inhibit cancer cell proliferation, and actively prevent. #P#Hello, some typical symptoms of liver cancer only occur when the disease progresses to the middle and late stages. At that time, the opportunity of surgery is often lost, so the usual self -examination is very important. When you feel exhausted and weak, it is likely to be a sign of liver disease; the sense of dullness at the heart nest, or the sensan pain in the upper right of the abdomen, the sense of compression and discomfort, etc. , I should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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