How to check liver cancer?

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Optional time: I don't know how to check liver cancer?Supplementary description: How to check liver cancer?

Guo Wei
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The test of liver cancer is required to be diagnosed with several examinations, such as ultrasound examination, CT examination, and MRI examination. When necessary, a cytology test is required. When diagnosis of cancer, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment of professional doctors as soon as possible. The treatment methods include surgery, liver artery ligation, hepatic arteri chemotherapy, radio frequency, frozen, laser, microwave, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. #P#The most important test methods for liver cancer include three, blood science examination, imaging examination, and pathological examinations as the standard diagnosis standard. The diagnosis patients went to the local regular triple hospital for treatment as soon as possible to avoid delaying the condition. According to the patient's condition, the appropriate treatment method should be selected, and the occurrence of unnecessary complications should be avoided. Choosing a reasonable and effective treatment method is also the key to improving the cure rate of patients. According to different pathological conditions, early treatment is mainly surgical. If possible, liver transplantation can be performed. In the middle and late period, it is combined with chemotherapy, intervention therapy, and immune -targeted therapy. At the same time, it can be combined with ginsenoside G35 auxiliary treatment, which can help inhibit the growth of new blood vessels of tumor, induce the apoptosis of tumor cells, and control the further diffusion and metastasis of tumor cells. Immunity.

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