High -divide liver cancer

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Optional time: Unclear high -divide liver cancer supplementation instructions: High -divide liver cancer

Qin Xudong
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Hello, it is recommended for surgical resection and Chinese medicine treatment.

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High -divide liver cancer is one of the liver malignant tumors. Generally, the degree of malignancy is low and the degree of differentiation is high.If you can detect and give surgical resection in time, the prognosis is usually better.Based on the classification of liver cancer, liver function, and general situation of patients, the methods that can be selected are surgical, radio frequency ablation, interventional embolism, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, liver transplantation, etc.During the treatment period, you can take ginsenoside G35 auxiliary treatment according to the situation, which can help reduce the role of drug reduction and efficiency, improve physical fitness, alleviate discomfort, help reduce the adaptation of toxicity, reduce the pain of patients, and cooperate with conventional treatment.And transfer.

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