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Optional time: Unclear explanation of liver cancer binding: liver cancer preference

Cao Zongze
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Most prescriptions do not have a scientific basis for unscientific basis. Improper use will even have some reaction effects, resulting in worsening the condition and delaying treatment. After the diagnosis of liver cancer, we must go to the local regular top three hospitals for treatment as soon as possible, mainly comprehensive ways. At present, comprehensive treatment methods such as surgical treatment, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, intervention, and targeted immunotherapy are needed to further control the condition. The tumor consumption of the human body is severe and has strong chemotherapy side effects. It is recommended to combine the method of comprehensive conditioning of drug treatment to improve the patient's current symptoms and reduce the pain and stability of patients. Like ginsenoside G35, combined with treatment can also help inhibit tumor blood vessel production and assist the recurrence and metastasis of tumors. Increase immunity after taking a certain period, reduce the pain of patients, and improve the quality of survival. #P#Primary liver cancer can be divided into liver cell type liver cancer, bile duct cell liver cancer and hybrid liver cancer according to cell types. According to the shape of the tumor, it can be divided into nodular type, giant block and diffuse type. Primary liver cancer is a high incidence in my country, and there are more men than women. China is a great country B. The liver cancer in my country is mostly developed on the basis of hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis. Hepatitis C patients are gradually increasing, and hepatitis B will also develop into liver cancer. At present, the number of diseases in my country accounts for more than half of the world's, accounting for 55%of global liver cancer patients. It has become a big killer that seriously threatens the health and life of the people in our country. Its danger cannot be underestimated.

Hu Zhanbo
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Non-activity replication period: manifested as HBSAG, HBE, anti-HBC (Xiao Sanyang), HBV-DNA is lower than the lower limit of detection, liver merit is normal, liver tissue does not damage or slight damage, which marks hepatitis B in the body in the body Internal control of the body's immune system, the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer in this period is greatly reduced.

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