Harm of liver cancer

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Zhao Yan
1楼-- · 2022-07-24 19:52

During the metastasis of liver cancer, spine metastasis is the most common, and lumbar spine metastasis is more common.Malignant cancer cells grow infinitely in the vertebral body, causing vertebral bone dissolving, bone or mixed destruction, and X -ray manifestations are often no change in bone destruction, fracture, and intervertebral gaps.Symptoms of liver cancer bone metastasis are clinically manifested in pain on the back of the back or neck and shoulder, and then the limbs are numb and feel abnormal.

Xiao Weihua
2楼-- · 2022-07-24 20:08
Hepatogenous encephalopathy is the most dangerous complication, accounting for about 34.9%of the cause of liver cancer. It often occurs at the end of liver cancer. It is mostly caused by severe extensive extensive destruction of liver essence due to liver cancer or combined liver cirrhosis.Incentives are more common in upper gastrointestinal bleeding, infection, electrolyte disorders, application of large amounts of diuretic drugs or ascites, etc., which have low cure rates.

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