Is condyloma acuminatum a condyloma acuminatum?

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Is condyloma acuminatum a condyloma acuminatum?Supplementary description: Is condyloma acuminatum a condyloma acuminatum?
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Condyloma acuminatum is mainly caused by unclean sexual infection. The typical condyloma acuminatum changes in pimples, cocks, and vegetable patterns. The surface is rough and easy to bleed. If you have the aforementioned pimple in the genital area, then consider the possibility of condyloma acuminatum. Add inquiries: You send a picture to see and see the performance of the lesion. #P#Condyloma acuminatum is better in the private parts of men and women or perianal parts. The damage is the first time it is a small light red pimple. It will gradually increase in the future. Suddenly protruding. Red or dirty gray. The roots are often pneated, and it is prone to erosion and exudation, which is easy to bleed. Perida cracks often have purulent secretions, causing evil odor, and can cause secondary infections due to scratching. This disease often has no conscious symptoms, and some patients may experience foreign body sensations, pain, itching, or sexual intercourse pain. Condyloma acuminatum in the rectum can occur in pain, blood in the stool, and feel severe after urgency. If the treatment is improper, it will recur on, and the cost of multiple treatment will cause the cost to be high. You may wish to search for the \"clinical record of condyloma acuminatum\" on the Internet with reference to the treatment experience of others, correctly treat, and reduce the number of recurrence. Essence

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