How does liver cancer suffer?

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Optional time: How does liver cancer suffer?Supplementary description: How does liver cancer suffer?

Guan Hanyun
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The onset of liver cancer is mainly related to environmental pollution and diet. Long -term large -scale smoking and drinking will increase the chance of liver cancer. The onset of liver cancer is related to age factors. Middle -aged and elderly people are people with high incidence of liver cancer. Therefore Try to reduce the amount of drinking. #P#There are many reasons for liver cancer. The more common ones are smoking and drinking, viral hepatitis, long -term mildew foods, or eating foods containing nitamines, cirrhosis, parasitic infections, and genetic factors. Important factor, if you detect liver cancer, you need to go to the hospital to choose the right method for treatment in time. Surgical treatment is the first choice and the most important treatment. It is often necessary for comprehensive treatment methods such as chemotherapy treatment, intervention therapy, targeted immunotherapy, etc. to improve the cure rate of surgery and the survival rate of patients. It is best to cooperate with ginsenoside G35 auxiliary treatment, which can help reduce toxicity and efficiency, reduce toxic and side effects, help suppress the repeated and metastasis of tumors, improve physical fitness, improve immunity and disease resistance. s help.

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