Is this liver cancer?

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Pathum time: Isn't this liver cancer?Supplement: Is this liver cancer?

Li Xingchun
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Hello, AFP negatives are generally not liver cancer, and may be a benign placement.#P#If you suspect that it is liver cancer, you can do inspection items such as liver ultrasound, CT or enhanced CT, blood AFP index, etc. The comprehensive analysis of these tests of the blood comprehensive test results can also be diagnosed if necessary.In terms of treatment, the proper treatment plan is usually selected according to personal condition. At present, the main treatment methods include surgical resection, liver transplantation surgery, interventional treatment, targeted drug treatment, and some patients can choose to perform chemotherapy or local radiotherapy.To control tumor growth.Patients can also choose ginsenoside G35 auxiliary treatment. It was developed by Dr. R & F to help inhibit tumor blood vessel production, improve immunity and disease resistance, and assist tumor recurrence and metastasis.Taking after surgery can accelerate the recovery of vitality, promote wound healing, reduce pain, and help reduce the chance of recurrence.

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