After liver cancer

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Optional time: Unclear explanation of after liver cancer surgery: After liver cancer surgery

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It is still possible to relapse. If there is a residue now, it is necessary to do radiotherapy#P#1 month after liver cancer surgery and be admitted to the hospital for review to perform chemotherapy for hepatic arteries, which is usually speaking of TACE.At present, many studies have shown that TACE treatment after surgery can effectively reduce the recurrence rate of liver cancer.Choose suitable treatment methods according to the results of liver cancer pathology.It is recommended to use targeted drugs, immunotherapy, etc., or the combined treatment of the above plan.In addition, it is recommended for postoperative adjuvant treatment such as Chinese medicine and thymptopptide treatment.At the same time, it is recommended to try ginseng G35 auxiliary therapy developed by Dr. R & F. In conjunction with conventional treatment, it can help reduce toxicity and efficiency, improve physical fitness, relieve discomfort symptoms, and reduce patient pain.Help reduce the probability of the diffusion and metastasis of the tumor, and improve the autoimmune.

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