How to form liver cancer

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Optional time: It is not clear how to form liver cancer. Supplementary description: How to form liver cancer

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First of all, it is caused by viral hepatitis infection or chronic liver disease, such as hepatitis B virus and other infections. The deterioration of the disease after infection may cause liver cancer

Then there is a diet, such as a strong carcinogenic substance with a strong yellow mold may cause primary liver cancer. The data is as follows:

The cause of primary liver cancer has not yet been determined. It is mostly considered to be related to the combination of various factors.

First, about one -third of patients with primary liver cancer clinically primary hepatitis have a history of chronic hepatitis.

Second, the incidence of liver cancer with primary liver cancer is very high.

Third, yellow glimoin.

Fourth, parasite infection.

Fifth, other pathogenic factors.

If you have liver cancer, it is recommended that you perform surgical treatment early, which will help control the condition. On the basis of a healthy diet after surgery, cooperate with the selenium. Victoria -Kang chewing tablets can help patients quickly restore their bodies, remove residual cancer cells, and prevent the emergence of complications such as ascites, and improve the effect of treatment. #P#Viral hepatitis is a common factor that causes liver cancer. Alcoholic liver cirrhosis is also one of the common causes of liver cancer. In addition, liver cancer also has a certain genetic tendency, so genetic factors also play an important role in the incidence of liver cancer. Essence Usually we should pay attention to diet, avoid overeating, avoid a lot of drinking, so as not to aggravate the burden on the liver, which will cause liver disease. You must avoid staying up late, and the damage to the liver is extremely serious. Proper sports, rich diet can enhance the physique of patients, and prevent patients from being attacked by viruses. Adhere to the medical examination can be discovered early and early treatment. You can also take ginsenoside G35 auxiliary therapy developed by Dr. R & F to help inhibit tumor blood vessel production, improve physical fitness, improve immunity and disease resistance, and assist in preventing lesions. #P#The main causes of the cause of liver cancer (liver malignant tumor) in China, there are viral hepatitis infections, darbuloxyxin pollution in food, and drinking water pollution in rural areas.

1. Known hepatitis viruses include at least A, B, C, D, E, G and other types. The relationship between viral hepatitis and liver cancer (liver malignant tumor) is mainly type B and hepatitis C, that is, HBV and HCV. About 1/3 of patients with liver cancer (liver malignant tumors) have a history of chronic hepatitis. The positive rate of Australia resistance (HBSAG) is significantly higher than that of low -hair areas. It has been found that hepatitis C virus infection and type B infection have been found. Hepatogenic tumor) is closely related to the disease. Hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus must be one of the factors to promote cancer.

2. Patients with liver cancer (liver malignant tumors) are 50%-90%of those with liver cirrhosis. In recent years, the proportion of hepatitis C viral hepatitis C is not lower than hepatitis B.

3. Animal experiments have proved that the metabolites of romancin have a strong carcinogenic effect on piane vinoxin B1. They exist in mildew corn, peanuts and other foods. The rate is also higher. Nitamines, nitrogen mustard, alcohol, organic chlorine pesticides, etc. are suspicious carcinogens.

4. Some drinking water is often contaminated by polychromic benzene, chlorine, etc. In recent years, the blue and green algae growing in the pond is a strong carcinogenic plant that can pollute the water source. Parasitic diseases such as Chinese tests can stimulate the hyperplasia of the bile duct, which can cause primary bile duct cancer.

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