Harm of liver cancer

2022-07-24 19:47发布

Optional time: Unclear liver cancer hazard supplementary description: liver cancer hazards

Wang Gongbing
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Modern liver surgery technologies are increasingly progressive, and tumor size is not a key factor in restricting surgery.The effect of whether to remove and remove is not only related to the size and number of tumors, but also has a very close relationship with liver function, liver cirrhosis, tumor site, tumor boundary limit, whether there is a complete envelope and venous cancel embarma.

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Liver cancer nodule rupture and bleeding-nodules of liver cancer tissue necrosis, liquefaction can cause spontaneous rupture or rupture due to external forces.If it is limited to under the envelope, there may be struggling pain, and the liver increases rapidly; if the abdominal cavity causes acute abdominal pain, peritoneal stimulation signs, severe cases can cause hemorrhage shock or death.Those who have stopped bleeding for several days, and the pain gradually reduced.

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