Can liver cancer be cured? Liver cancer intervention

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Oncology time: Can't know if liver cancer can cure the liver cancer involvement supplementary explanation: Can liver cancer be cured?

Bai Jie
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Whether liver cancer can be cured depends on the staging of the disease to judge. If the condition is extremely early, actively treat it through surgery. The combination of intervention after surgery to assist treatment may achieve good results. However, if the condition is in the middle and late stages, the cure effect is generally not achieved. It can only control the condition through the method of radiotherapy chemotherapy or the method of targeted drug treatment. You can cooperate with the ginseng saponin G35 auxiliary therapy. With conventional treatment, it can assist in reducing toxic and efficiency. It can also improve physical fitness, improve immunity and disease resistance, and help reduce the chance of recurrence, which is very helpful for recovery health. #P#Flux chemotherapy is a double -edged sword, while killing lung cancer cells while killing lung cancer cells, it will also constantly attack the human body's normal cell tissue and immune cells. Due to the rapid breeding of cancer cells of tumors, tens of thousands of micro -cancer cells can be formed in a short period of time, but human immune cells do not have this ability. When chemotherapy kills a large number of killer, immune cells are weak. The breeding cancer cells will counterattack, and the improved condition will recur again.

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