Harm of liver cancer

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The growth and distribution of liver cancer cells If it is not controlled, it will destroy the function of the liver and cause failure, which causes death. This is the serious consequence of the harm of liver cancer. Liver cancer cells also have the ability to attack surrounding tissues and transfer to distant tissues, and continue to grow and reproduce in these organs. #P#Hepatogenous encephalopathy is the most dangerous complication, accounting for about 34.9%of the cause of liver cancer. It often occurs at the end of liver cancer. It is mostly a serious extensive extensive damage to the liver due to liver cancer or combined liver cirrhosis at the same time. As a result, incentives are more common in upper gastrointestinal bleeding, infection, electrolyte disorders, application of large amounts of diuretic drugs or ascites, etc., and their cure rate is low.

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The most prominent symptoms of liver cancer are the pain in the liver area, most of which are continuous pain, bloating or tingling pain in the right upper abdomen. Symptoms of digestive tract can also occur, such as loss of appetite, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. The treatment scheme mainly includes surgical resection of tumor lesions to reduce tumor load. If possible, you can choose liver transplantation, and chemotherapy combined with radiation therapy, intervention treatment, targeted drug treatment and other comprehensive methods. It is best to cooperate with the ginseng saponin g35 auxiliary treatment. Combined conventional treatment can assist in reducing toxicity and efficiency, helping to inhibit the growth of cancer cells while improving the physical state of the patient and reducing symptoms. Strengthen human immunity and improve the quality of life of patients.

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