Harm of liver cancer

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Optional time: Unclear liver cancer hazard supplementary description: liver cancer hazards

Xu Zhichao
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Liver cancer will cause the patient's physical condition to deteriorate rapidly. After the diffusion of cells in the middle and late stages, it will also cause a series of metastases and complications, which seriously endangers the patient's life and health.For the treatment of liver cancer, it is generally recommended to combine the specific conditions of patients, and take comprehensive treatment plan based on surgery, chemotherapy, and cellular immunotherapy.About 34.9%, often occurred in the end of liver cancer, mostly caused by severe extensive extensive destruction of the liver due to liver cancer or combined liver cirrhosis, which is more common in the causes of upper gastrointestinal bleeding, infection, electrolyte disorders, a large amount of diuretic drugsApplication or ascites, etc., the cure rate is low.

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