Liver cancer, liver cancer

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Liver cancer is one of the high degree of malignant cancer and is called the "king of cancer."In recent years, due to the increasing number of hepatitis B virus infections in my country, the incidence of liver cancer has increased significantly. The treatment methods are still mainly surgery, and chemotherapy was adjusted after surgery.However, many patients are already advanced at first diagnosis. People with huge lumps or multiple metastasis are not suitable for surgery. At this time, gamma knives, chemotherapy, intervention treatment, traditional Chinese medicine, conservative treatment, etc.Those with advanced chemotherapy in liver cancer can also be treated with targeted therapy. The effect is obvious but expensive in the short term, and it is easy to produce drug resistance.

Ginseng saponin RH2 is an important new achievement of anti -tumor research in recent years. The characteristics of high -efficiency and non -toxic treatment of liver cancer make up for the lack of some drugs and treatment methods in the past.It is reported that ginsenoside RH2 can inhibit liver cancer cell SMMC-7721, liver cancer cell BEL-7404 proliferation, and has the effect of inducing differentiation.

Although the general prognosis of liver cancer is not good, actively cooperating with treatment can definitely win the best results.Patients with liver cancer who live with tumors should be reviewed regularly, paying attention to the usual laws of life, especially diet.

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