Harm of liver cancer

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Optional time: Unclear liver cancer hazard supplementary description: liver cancer hazards

Wu Shuang
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1. Bleeding bias: Liver disease hemorrhage phenomenon is reduced at this moment, which reduces the synthesis of coagulation factors. Easily causes gum bleeding, hemorrhoid bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, etc., and it is difficult to stop during bleeding.

2. Hepatimosis: Liver ascites are generally presented when the liver disease or when the condition is extremely serious.

3. The whole body indicates: physical weakness and easy decadent are the most common body representation. When the concentration of bilirubin in the blood increases, bilirubin is discharged from urine to deeper urine color. It is the earliest representation of jaundice. When the concentration of bilirubin in the blood continues to increase, it can cause eye and skin jaundice. Due to the discharge of bile acid, the concentration of bile acid in the blood increases, and excessive bile acid is deposited in the skin. Stimulate the peripheral nerves and cause itching of the skin.

4. The digestive tract indicates that during hepatitis, bile secretion is reduced, affecting the digestion and receiving of food. The inflammation of the liver may also cause blood flow disorders of hepatitis sinus, leading to gastrointestinal congestion and edema, and affecting the digestion and receiving of food. Therefore, liver disease often presents loss of appetite, nausea, upper abdomen discomfort, and abdominal distension. #P#Patients with liver cancer are mostly accompanied by functional renal failure such as dysfunction such as urine or no urine, nitrogen ledmia, etc. at this time Sexual lesions, people with urgency can deteriorate and die in the short term. Most of these patients have the manifestations of deepening jaundice, hepatoblasty, hypoproteinemia, and refractory ascites such as liver failure. #P#liver cancer will cause the patient's physical condition to deteriorate rapidly. After the diffusion of the cells in the middle and late stages, it will also cause a series of metastases and concurrency symptoms, which seriously endangers the patient's life and health. For the treatment of liver cancer, it is generally recommended to combine the specific situation of patients, and take the comprehensive treatment plan of surgery, chemotherapy, and cellular immunotherapy.

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