Liver cancer is advanced

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Optional time: Unclear liver cancer is late. Supplementary explanation: Liver cancer is advanced

Yang Xueying
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In advanced patients, the treatment purpose of controlling cancer cell diffusion and extending patients is recommended. It is recommended that traditional Chinese medicine Chinese medicine conservative treatment and stability of the disease. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the principle of treating tumors is: clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, dampness and dampness, softening, nourishing qi, nourishing qiBlood nourishing blood, nourishing Yin Peiyuan to improve immunity, and promote patients to recover from health as soon as possible.#P#Patients with advanced liver cancer Due to the rapid growth of tumors, the degree of diffusion and metastasis, the tumor consumption of the body is more serious, the treatment of excessive trauma or excessive side effects is no longer applicable to advanced patients.For patients with advanced patients, they can adopt a targeted immunotherapy, intervention therapy, and conservative treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.It is recommended that patients with ginsenoside G35 auxiliary treatment with Dr. R & F developed by Dr. R & F. In conjunction with conventional treatment, it can assist in reducing toxicity and efficiency, help control the condition, and further assist in reducing toxic stimulation, relieving symptoms, and allowing patients to during the treatment period.Not so painful, enhance immunity, and improve the quality of survival.

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