Condyloma acuminatum ??????????????

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Concyloma acuminatum ????????????? Supplementary description: Condyloma acuminatum ????????????????
Jinxi Gang
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Patented Chinese medicine treatment, the pharmacy outside is not sold.Searching \"clinical records of condyloma acuminatum\" from the Internet can listen to the voices of real patients. See how they treat them, which can help them treat correctly and daily care, and reduce the chance of recurrence of diseases.Essence
Bai Jie
2楼-- · 2022-07-13 17:17
Hello, Condyloma acuminatum is recommended to use CO2 laser and use burning method to treat condyloma acuminatum. This therapy is most suitable for female yin, penis or perianal acuminatum.A single or a small amount of multi-enlander warts can be treated at one time. For multiple or area-area large acuminatum, it can be treated with 2-3 times. After laser treatment, 5%tanoxamine cream can be used, or 0.25%herpes net ointment can be used.Times, outer coating.Ringnless orgos, 5 times a day, 200 mg each time, for five days a week.Hope to help you.

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