Liver cancer tumor

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The treatment of liver cancer, first judge according to the condition of liver cancer, if the cancer cells do not have a distant metastasis, you can perform fixed -point embolism treatment by interventional surgery to control the clinical symptoms of patients. Then chemotherapy, drug -assisted chemotherapy to prevent cancer cells from metastasis. You can also consider comprehensive treatment methods such as liver transplantation, radio frequency ablation, and targeted immunotherapy according to different pathological staging. Ginseng G35 auxiliary therapy can be used in conjunction with Dr. R & F developed, and conventional treatment can help to reduce toxicity and efficiency, help inhibit tumor blood vessel production, and assist tumor recurrence and metastasis. Patients can reduce recurrence rates, improve physical fitness, and enhance immunity and disease resistance.

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Patients with liver cancer need to pay attention to: 1. Balanced diet, pay attention to increasing nutrition. 2. Foods with high fiber content: Fiber can absorb toxins in the human body and help toxins discharge, such as vegetables and fruits, whole grain, etc. (vegetable soup). 3. Take less high -fat food. 4. Avoid using high -temperature fried foods: Do not reuse the oil, prone to carcinogenic substances at oil and high temperature 5. Eat less processed foods and choose natural fresh food. 6. During the radiotherapy or after radiotherapy, the irradiation reaction can cause the fluid to lose weight, dry mouth and dry tongue, red tongue and less moss. Watermelon, asparagus, grain, almonds, figs, honey, sea cucumber, catfish, etc., taboo fragrant, spicy noodles, orange peel, pepper, etc.

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liver cancer was also called the first phase, also known as the clinical period. It refers to liver cancer without obvious symptoms and signs. If the tumor is divided into a single nodule, the diameter is less than 5 cm, it is called small liver cancer, most of which are early liver cancer. The treatment of liver cancer must be discovered early in order to be treated early. The early treatment of liver cancer is still possible. Treatment should be used as the first choice method. Some patients can obtain long -term survival after surgical resection. Its resection range includes tumor and its lymph nodes. After surgery, a period of feasible Chinese medicine treatment can be used to prevent recurrence and accelerate the recovery of patients' physical function. After receiving early treatment, patients with liver cancer should also perform correct daily care to accelerate the recovery of physical function.

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