Is it for liver cancer?

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Optional time: Is it unclear whether it is liver cancer?Supplementary instructions: Is it liver cancer?

Liu Youyan
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If the hemangioma is small and does not affect the physiological function, the general oral drug treatment can be faded. If it is in an important position, it affects the physiological function and has obvious clinical symptoms. It is recommended to perform surgical treatment in time. I wish you a speedy recovery! #P#Is it a lottery ultrasound if you find that the liver is found, and you can do ultrasonic angiography for further diagnosis if you find that the liver is occupied. If the ultrasonic angiography cannot be diagnosed clearly, it is necessary to enhance CT and nuclear magnetic diagnosis of liver cancer. Treatment methods usually have comprehensive methods such as surgical treatment and chemotherapy, targeted immunotherapy, intervention therapy, and liver transplantation. You need to choose the appropriate treatment method according to the condition. For some early symptoms, the method of resection of the lesion can be used. If it is in the middle and late stages, it is necessary to use mortar chemotherapy for treatment, which can help inhibit the diffusion of cancer cells and metastasis. Throughout the treatment process, ginsenoside G35 auxiliary therapy can be cooperated with Dr. R & F. With conventional treatment, it can help reduce toxicity and increase efficiency and relieve the symptoms of discomfort. It can also help reduce the probability of tumor recurrence and metastasis, improve physical fitness, and improve immunity and disease resistance, which is very helpful for restoring health.

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