How to cure liver cancer

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Optional time: It is not clear how to cure liver cancer supplementation: How to cure liver cancer

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Aimed at the question of how to cure liver cancer, you must pay attention to how to cure liver cancer.

1. Emphasized blood supply to liver cancer depends on liver artery, but there is venous blood supply around the cancer block, treatment of rectal cancer, and cancer cells can be "stealing".

2. The operation is inevitable. The catheter should be excellent to enter the blood supply arteries, but sometimes it is difficult to enter the hepatic artery. Some liver cancer can multiply blood vessels.

3. Despite the super choice, there are still obvious side effects, and the digestive tract has the most reflection.

4. Those with venous tumors have considered considering or removing cancerous thrombus as considers.

5. Even if the operation is super selection, due to high -pressure injection and other reasons, it can cause error bolt, diversion, and may inevitably micro -transfer.

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There are many methods for treating liver cancer. It can be effectively treated through chemotherapy methods and methods of interventional treatment and surgical surgery. If possible, you can also take liver transplantation, targeted immunotherapy 'to treat It is the preferred method for treating liver cancer. It is best to cooperate with ginsenoside G35 auxiliary therapy. Auxiliary treatment can help reduce toxicity and efficiency, improve physical fitness, relieve discomfort, help reduce toxic and side -by -side reactions, reduce patient pain, and cooperate with conventional treatment to help inhibit the diffusion and spread of tumors and Transfer. #P#is mainly based on traditional Chinese medicine treatment, but it is not recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine treatment. The combination of surgical treatment, chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment will have the best effect. Chinese medicine is recommended to take ginsenoside RH2 (protective nursingin, with 16.2%), which can reduce tumors, control tumor cell metastasis, but also resist the side effects of chemotherapy, improve the body's resistance to chemotherapy drugs, improve the quality of life of patients, prolong life of life Essence

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