Advanced liver cancer

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Primary liver cancer Time: Unclear Reflection of Liver Cancer Replenishment: Late liver cancer

Yao Xintai
1楼-- · 2022-07-24 19:46
Liver cancer is generally not recommended for liver transplantation, because liver cancer has spread and metastasis, and there are many complications. At this time, even liver transplantation does not make much sense. It is recommended that patients still choose appropriate treatment plans according to the situation Active active treatment plan. treat.

Wang Qi
2楼-- · 2022-07-24 19:52

This situation is not easy to say. Generally speaking, if patients with advanced liver cancer have metastasized and spread, liver transplantation surgery may not be completely cured. For patients with advanced liver cancer, it is recommended to improve its immunity as much as possible and improve the quality of survival. Traditional Chinese medicine ginsenoside RH2 conservative treatment, inhibit the further deterioration of cancer cells, and prolong patients' survival time. #P#, this situation generally considers the transformation of the advanced liver cancer, and the treatment of liver transplantation surgery cannot be cured. It is relatively poor. After the liver transplantation, it takes time fusion. Secondly, the degree of diffusion of patients with advanced liver cancer is relatively high. If other organs are violated, liver transplantation cannot be cured. It is recommended that patients choose carefully.

If you must choose transplantation, it is recommended to eat more ginsenoside RG3 on weekdays for conditioning to fundamentally improve the patient's physique. In addition, it is also the only Chinese medicine that is recognized by the country with anti -tumor effects. In terms of reaction to alleviating symptoms, the effects are extremely prominent.

Hu Jianli
3楼-- · 2022-07-24 20:11
Patients with liver cancer patients with severe liver function are seriously damaged and cannot be compensated. Often, weight loss, pain, fatigue, and lack of appetite are often experienced. Among them, weight loss is the most obvious and most characteristic clinical symptoms, and symptoms such as ascites and fever may occur. Most of the patients with palpation have signs such as liver enlargement and enlarged spleen. If cancer compresses the intrahepatic bile duct or infiltrate liver cells, patients may develop symptoms of jaundice. The first choice for intervention treatment, adding full treatment. Interventional treatment refers to the local use of local chemotherapy for local chemotherapy. The whole body treatment refers to the whole body chemotherapy, the treatment of targeted drugs in the whole body, or the whole body immunotherapy. Of course, some patients have poor status. You can choose ginsenoside G35 auxiliary therapy. With conventional treatment, it can help reduce toxicity and efficiency, improve physical fitness, relieve discomfort symptoms, help reduce toxic and side effects, reduce patient pain, cooperate with conventional treatment, Help to inhibit the diffusion and metastases of the tumor. #P#Liver cancer has spread and metastasis, and his physique is poor. Patients can no longer bear such a large surgery. If forcibly surgical treatment, it is recommended to lose money. Patients with advanced liver cancer choose mild Chinese medicine for treatment, which can improve the patient's immunity. , Reduce patient pain.

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