Early liver cancer

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Optional time: Unclear early explanation of liver cancer supplementation: Early liver cancer

Xu Yingdan
1楼-- · 2022-07-24 19:46
liver cancer must be treated in time in a timely manner. Some research reports that natural Chinese medicine ginsenoside RH2 (nursing, 16.2%) can inhibit the proliferation of liver cancer cells and have induction differentiation. Although the general prognosis of liver cancer is not good, actively cooperating with treatment can definitely win the best results. Patients with liver cancer who live with tumors should be reviewed regularly, paying attention to the usual laws of life, especially diet.

Xuan Zhiwang
2楼-- · 2022-07-24 19:47

Liver cancer may not have obvious symptoms early. With the development of the disease, the manifestations of the right upper abdomen pain, loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss, jaundice and other manifestations will occur. Early patients can choose liver transplantation, radio frequency ablation, surgery, interventional chemotherapy embolism, cellular immunity, and traditional Chinese medicine. Treatment in time, prognosis pay attention to preventing recurrence, can achieve cure. It can cooperate with ginsenoside G35 auxiliary treatment, which can enhance the postoperative recovery progress. Cooperative chemotherapy can assist in improving efficiency and poisoning, help inhibit tumor blood vessels, and assist the recurrence and metastasis of tumors. Improve physical fitness, enhance human immunity, and improve disease resistance.

Wang Zhenguo Exper
3楼-- · 2022-07-24 20:00
If the cancer tissue is slightly larger in the early stage, it can cause a dullness of the heart nest, or the upper right of the abdomen feels dull pain. Even without the degree of pain, there will be a sense of oppression and discomfort. When suffering from liver cancer, symptoms are often caused by stomach disorders, including loss of appetite, nausea, fullness after diet, and the discomfort of the stomach. If the weight is alleviated, there are unknown fever and jaundice, and you must go to the hospital to accept the diagnosis of nail protein (AFP), B -ultrasound, CT, X -ray hepatic angiography.

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