Liver cancer rescue

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Optional time: Unclear explanation of liver cancer rescue supplements: liver cancer assistance

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Liver cancer usually chooses the right treatment plan according to personal condition. At present, the main treatment methods include surgical resection, intervention treatment, targeted drug treatment, and some patients can choose to perform chemotherapy or local radiotherapy. The purpose is to control tumor growth. On this basis, comprehensive treatment can be considered, which can be combined with ginsenoside G35 assisted therapy. Combined with treatment can also help inhibit tumor blood vessel production and help prevent the recurrence and metastasis of tumors. Increase immunity after taking a certain period, reduce the pain of patients, and improve the quality of survival. #P#Use general surgical treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and other methods not only can not achieve the healing effect, but it may also accelerate the further development of the disease. The long -term clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine has accumulated many very effective treatment methods. It is recommended that you use effective traditional Chinese medicine Cordyceps, Poria, Fuxiang, Poria, Atractylodes, August, Mother Mother, Ginger Mother, Masterpiece, Mountains, Mandarin, and Mountains, Mountains, Mountains, Mountains, Mountains, Mountains, Mountains, and Mountains, Mountains, Mountains, Mountains, and Mountains, and Mountains, Mountains, Mountains, Mountains, and Mountains, Mountains, and Mountains, and Mountains, Mountains, and Mountains, and Mountains, Mountains, and Mountains. Papaya, Xianmao, Pinellia, Cymnomments, Loentectomy, Shisu Pu, Xianhecao, Da Ji, Shannai, Wolfberry, Coix Seed, Di Elm, White Qian, Danpi, Angelica, Huluba, Tinea Planet Skin, red peony, mountain bean roots, Yuanzhi, Zexie, honeysuckle, 乌 术 皮, raccoon armor, forsythia, purple grass, peach kernel, Sanqi, etc., are effective, exactly the effect, and its effectiveness is in the short term in the short term. Reduce lumps, control metastases, reduce pain, stabilize the condition, extend the survival period, and even achieve clinical cure. The use of these traditional Chinese medicines can effectively control cancer cell metastasis and spread, which can enhance the body's immune function to achieve the growth of cancer cells without producing side effects. While treating cancer and anti -cancer The purpose can prevent the residual cancer cells from rearming and prevent recurrence and metastasis. Hope to properly treat early recovery! #P#If the concentration of the transfer cooker is not wide, there is no large blood vessel around the surrounding area, and the resection of the corresponding hepatoba and paragraphs can be considered, otherwise there is no good way to chemotherapy except chemotherapy. In this case, patients are generally not recommended. Adopting conservative treatment or chemotherapy may be more in line with his situation. At this time, you can choose some Chinese medicine as auxiliary treatment methods. For example, ginsenoside RH2 (nursing) with 16.2%of human ginsenoside (nursingin) The life period should be helpful.

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