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Ding Linrong
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There are many methods for treating liver cancer. It can be effectively treated through chemotherapy methods and methods of interventional treatment and surgical surgery. If possible, you can also take liver transplantation, targeted immunotherapy 'to treat It is the preferred method for treating liver cancer. It is best to cooperate with ginsenoside G35 auxiliary treatment. Cooperative treatment can help to reduce toxicity and efficiency, help inhibit tumor blood vessel production, help prevent the recurrence and metastasis of tumors, improve physical fitness, increase immunity and disease resistance ability Essence

Su Zhenchao
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Turning treatment is best to perform the best effect at the same time. The operation of Western medicine, chemotherapy has great toxic and side effects and sequelae, so it is best to cooperate with non -toxic anti -cancer green therapy Chinese medicine. It can reduce the toxic and side effects of western medicine and consolidate the condition; at the same time, it can reduce symptoms, control the development of the disease, improve the quality of survival, and extend the survival period. Nowadays, it is very good for the treatment of diffuse liver cancer. It is recommended to treat diffuse liver cancer. #P#liver cancer is a comprehensive pathogenic factor, with genetic factors, family history, self -immune function, living habits, and personality are closely related. Essence The metabolic metabolism of traditional Chinese medicine is mainly disorders of the liver, spleen and kidney, and the main water of the spleen, the main water of the spleen, and the main water of the kidney. Our treatment first supports righteousness to improve the positive qi of patients, at the same time, relieve liver and qi, promote blood circulation and blood stasis stasis. Spleening spleen, reducing the symptoms of patients, controlling the development of the disease, or making the mass slower, and even reduced the mass.

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Patients with liver cancer must be treated, and life is valuable.

【Secret recipe 1】

240 grams of iron leaves, 10 red dates, cooked in crocks, eat jujube soup.

【Secret recipe two】

Use fresh white flower snake tongue, 120 grams each time, extract the juice, squeeze twice, abandon the residue to leave the juice. Patients over 50 years old can hold 30 grams of honey and enter the juice; patients under 50 years of age can pour off a little salt with boiling water and enters the juice.

Bowl or tea tank, stewed in water, take out the warm clothes, the effect is like a god. "White Flower Snake Tongue" grass can be purchased, which treats liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Xing Zhonglin
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Tumor cancer is a new creature formed by the body's carcinogenic factors that a certain cell of the local tissue loses the normal regulation of its growth at a genetic level, resulting in its cloning abnormal hyperplasia. Tumors are generally divided into two categories: benign and malignant. All malignant tumors are called cancer. Tumor tissue has different degrees of differences from the normal tissue of its origin in terms of cell form and tissue structure. This difference is referred to as heterogeneous. Heterothelility is the manifestation of tumor abnormalization in morphological. The different types of different types indicate that the degree of differentiation is high, and the heterogeneity is large, which indicates that the degree of differentiation is low. The difference between this is differentiated is the main histological basis for diagnosing tumors and determining its good and malignant. The different types of benign tumor cells are not obvious, which is generally similar to its source tissue. Malignant tumors often have obvious heterogeneity. #P#liver cancer surgery: Many family members or patients have misunderstandings about the treatment of advanced liver cancer. They believe that surgery should be surgery anyway. In fact, the result is often the opposite. Although surgery can remove the liver lesions, due to the poor physique of patients with advanced liver cancer and low immunity, the surgery often hurts their vitality and the quality of life decreases sharply. If you do not cooperate with systemic treatment, the good times do not last long, which causes the recurrence or metastasis of the tumor, especially for small cell lung cancer.

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