Hello doctor!The disease of liver cancer has troubled my good friend for more than a year. He asked for medical treatment everywhere

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Onset time: Do not know the doctor, hello!The disease of liver cancer has troubled my good friend for more than a year.The disease of liver cancer has troubled my good friend for more than a year. He asked for medical treatment everywhere

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Hello! an examination

1. Primary liver cancer laboratory examination

(1) Liver cancer serum logo test ① serum nail protein (AFP) determination is relatively specific for diagnosis of the disease. The radiological immunity is determined to continue serum AFP ≥ 400 μg/L, and can eliminate pregnancy and activity liver disease. The diagnosis of liver cancer can be considered. About 30%of patients with liver cancer clinically AFP are negative. As if the AFP heterogeneity is detected at time, the positive rate can be significantly improved. ② Hemantase and other tumor markers check the γ-glutamyl rotanase in serum in patients with liver cancer and their spanase, abnormal coagulanticase, alkaline phosphatase, and lactate dehydrinase is higher than normal. But lack of specificity.

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Hello! Clinical manifestation

1. Primary liver cancer

(1) Symptoms of early liver cancer are not different, and there are many symptoms of liver cancer in the middle and late stage. Common clinical manifestations include liver pain, abdominal distension, difference, fatigue, weight loss, and mass liver or upper abdomen. Some patients include low fever, jaundice, diarrhea, and upper digestive tract bleeding; acute abdomen manifestations occur after liver cancer. There are also symptoms that are not obvious or only manifested as the symptoms of the metastases.

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Hello! treat

Perform individualized comprehensive treatment according to the different stages of liver cancer, which is the key to improving the efficacy; treatment methods include surgery, liver artery ligation, liver arterial chemotherapy, radio frequency, frozen, laser, microwave, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Biological therapy, traditional Chinese medicine Chinese medicine is also used for liver cancer.

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Hello! Chemical treatment

It is found that the cancer cannot be removed after a laparotomy, or as a follow -up treatment of tumor palliative resection. Hepatic arteries and (or) portal vein pumps (or) pumps (subcutaneous buried irrigation devices) can be used as regional chemotherapy embolism; for those who are not removed from estimated surgery, they can also be feasible for feasible surgery. Radiation intervention therapy, selectively interpolates the femoral arteries to the hepatic arteries, injects embolism (commonly used such as iodide oil) and anti -cancer pharmaceutical chemotherapy embolism, and some patients can obtain the opportunity to remove surgical resection.

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Hello! Cause

The cause and exact molecular mechanism of primary liver cancer are not completely clear. At present, it is believed that its onset is a complex process of multiple factors and steps, which is affected by the environment and the dual factors. Popular disease and experimental research data show that hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, ribicin, drinking water pollution, alcohol, cirrhosis, sex hormone, nitrosamine, trace elements, etc. All are related to the onset of liver cancer. Secondary liver cancer (metastatic liver cancer) can cause diseases through different ways, such as metastasis with blood, lymph fluid or directly invading the liver.

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Liver cancer usually chooses the right treatment plan according to personal condition. At present, the main treatment methods include surgical resection, intervention treatment, targeted drug treatment, and some patients can choose to perform chemotherapy or local radiotherapy. The purpose is to control tumor growth. On this basis, comprehensive treatment can be considered. You can take ginseng saponin G35 assisted treatment, which can help reduce toxicity and efficiency, reduce toxic and side effects, help suppress the repeated and metastasis of tumors, improve physical fitness, improve immunity and immunity and immunity and immunity and immunity. The ability to resist disease is very helpful for restoring health.

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