Recently, joint pain, especially the right waist.With weakness, gums are always bleeding

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Onset time: It is not clear that the joint pain is recently painted, especially the right waist.With weakness, the gums are always bleeding and supplementary explanation: Recently, joint pain, especially the right waist.With weakness, gums are always bleeding

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Prefers to liver cancer: There are common appetite, and the upper abdomen is full after meals. Or there are gastrointestinal diseases for liver cancer with qi, vomiting, indigestion, nausea, etc. Among them, loss of appetite and abdominal distension are the most common. Diarrhea is also a common digestive symptom of liver cancer. It was suddenly susceptible to enteritis. Hepatoba. Adults over 30 years of age can be crickets on the right upper abdomen and upper abdomen. The texture is hard, the surface is uneven, and the trend of continuous observation is obvious. However, patients are not obviously unwell, and liver cancer should be suspected. Loss and fatigue. Due to the loss of liver function and decreased digestion and absorption, patients with unknown causes are also common symptoms of patients with liver cancer. It often appears in the middle and late stages of liver cancer. It may be that tumor metabolism products have caused the body's biochemical metabolism. Coupled with the reduction of eating. In severe cases, malignant diseases can be occurred. The pain of the whole body is especially the most obvious on the back of the waist. It is accompanied by anorexia, irritability, and uncomfortable liver region. The effect of indigestion, diarrhea, repetitiveness of abdominal distension, and gastroenteritis are not visible, and the liver range that cannot be cured and thinner has gradually faintly pain. #P#B ultrasound can basically reflect the image of liver cancer, so if the B ultrasound does not have this problem, you can rest assured. If you want to rule out, you can do a tumor four and CT in the abdomen. However, fatty liver must also pay full attention to it. Usually, pay attention to weight loss, light diet, high protein and low fat, and appropriately increase exercise. If the liver cancer, the patient first feels fatigue. This unrelated burnout and fatigue is the early symptoms of general liver cancer. Few people realize that they may have liver cancer, so the condition is delayed. If you are burnout or lazy, you may also suffer from cold or over -fatigue. Although the early symptoms of liver cancer are not obvious, if you pay a little attention, you still feel. But if you want to judge whether to get liver cancer, you still have to go to a regular hospital for system examination.

It is recommended to treat the early treatment of liver cancer, which can cooperate with Chinese medicine ginsenoside RH2 (nursinguin), with a content of 16.2%. It is an important new achievement of anti -tumor research in recent years. Insufficient method. It is reported that ginsenoside RH2 can inhibit liver cancer cells SMMC-7721, Bel-7404 proliferation, and have the effect of inducing differentiation. Although the general prognosis of liver cancer is not good, actively cooperating with treatment can definitely win the best results.

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