Huge liver cancer

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Optional time: Unclear large liver cancer supplementation explanation: huge liver cancer

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Hello; this situation is generally unable to remove.It is recommended to do intervention first.#P#huge liver cancer refers to large liver cancer formed by a single diameter greater than 5 cm, which is expanding growth, a envelope or fake envelope.The surgery of huge liver cancer is very difficult to surgery and risk, and because of the huge tumor volume, tumor rupture and bleeding may occur at any time. It is generally recommended to choose the method of chemotherapy or intervention to reduce the volume of the tumor as much as possible, and then evaluate the possibility of surgery.At present, in addition to conventional treatment, it can cooperate with ginsenoside G35 auxiliary treatment. With conventional treatment, it can assist in reducing toxicity and efficiency, help control the condition, and further assist in reducing toxic stimulation, alleviating symptoms, and allowing patients to not during the treatment period.So pain, enhance immunity, and improve the quality of survival.

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