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Optional time: Unclear explanation of liver cancer specialties: liver cancer specialty

Sha Jinyan
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The early symptoms of liver cancer are as follows: (1) There were history of hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, and the condition was stable for many years. The abdomen can be stubborn and mass, the texture is hard, the surface is uneven, and the continuous observation of the increasing trend is obvious, but the patient is not obviously discomfort. For those with liver district discomfort. (4) Signal pain, especially the back of the waist, accompanied by anorexia, irritability, liver region discomfort, with anti -humidity treatment, poor effects. (5) Repeated diarrhea accompanied by indigestion with indigestion. Bidding abdominal distension, the effect of gastritis is not obvious or cannot be cured, and there are liver regions, and those who gradually lose weight. Generally speaking, 98%of patients with primary liver cancer are combined with hepatitis B, and hepatitis B is easily converted into liver cirrhosis and then transformed. For liver cancer. Therefore, in addition to the early symptoms of liver cancer, hepatitis B patients or hepatitis B virus carriers should be detected every 6 months and B -ultrasound every 6 months. This is an economy, simple, and effective way to prevent liver cancer. If you are not assured, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for a tire protein test and B -ultrasound. It is very authoritative and clear, so you will rest assured.

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Liver cancer usually chooses the right treatment plan according to personal condition. At present, the main treatment methods include surgical resection, intervention treatment, targeted drug treatment, and some patients can choose to perform chemotherapy or local radiotherapy. The purpose is to control tumor growth.在这个基础上可以考虑进行综合的治疗,可以配合服用人参皂苷G35辅助治疗,可以帮助起到减毒增效的作用,帮助抑制肿瘤血管生成,预防肿瘤反复、转移,帮助促进患者的治疗,增强Human immunity and improve the quality of life of patients. #P#The early symptoms of liver cancer are obviously decreased appetite: abdominal bloating, indigestion, and sometimes nausea and vomiting; the right upper abdomen pain: there may be persistent or intermittent pain in the liver area, and sometimes it can increase due to posture changes. It is difficult to find if you don't pay attention. If you have to check the liver regularly in the early days, you can take selenium vitamin chewing tablets to help selenium nourishing cancer and anti -cancer. You should also pay special attention to your diet. Do not touch, tobacco, alcohol, etc., I hope that these guidance suggestions can help you and go to the Trina Hospital for an examination as soon as possible. You are still young. Urominated with cancer.

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