Condyloma acuminatum.

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Condyloma acuminatum.Supplementary instructions: Condyloma acuminatum.
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The treatment of genital warts is very tricky. It is recommended that you regulate the treatment, orally Pancoswa tablets, and combined with interferon thymptopptide muscle injecting treatment. If there is no shortcut method to cure, it takes time, more than 6 months or a few years,# P#Hello, there is a condyloma acuminatum. Then you have to continue drug treatment. At present, photovoltaic therapy is okay. If you relapse, you need to continue the drug antiviral and actively improve the immunity. It will recur, which is related to the characteristics of the disease itself. The main means for its treatment is to eliminate visible warts, and HPV infection lacks very effective ways. After removing warts with traditional treatment (such as CO2 laser or liquid nitrogen frozen, etc.), HPV lurking surrounding the ulcer can cause new skin lesions to damage the original skin. In addition, about 60%of patients with genital warts have HPV latent infections in the urethra, which can cause HPV infection that can cause sexual partnership, but also cause condyloma acuminatum through its own infection. Searching \"clinical records of condyloma acuminatum\" from the Internet can listen to the voices of real patients. See how they treat them, which can help them treat correctly and daily care, and reduce the chance of recurrence of diseases. Essence #P#, genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease, and they must be treated in time with condyloma acuminatum. At present, there are many ways to treat condyloma acuminatum, but there are very few methods that can be completely cured. The two traditional methods of laser and light power can easily cause recurrence, because these therapies are only targeted at surface symptoms. The recurrence of genital warts is inevitable. In fact, there is already a new treatment method that can completely treat condyloma acuminatum. It is recommended that you go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible, and I wish you a speedy recovery! #P#Hello, there are many ways to treat condyloma acuminatum, but the general treatment method cannot completely remove the HPV virus, condyloma acuminatum is easy to relapse, and condyloma acuminatum does not recur on the basis of completely removing the virus. According to my many years of clinical clinical clinic In summary of experience, the use of high -frequency pulse and improvement of local immunity can effectively remove the virus, and achieve the clinical effect of small treatment pain and cure.
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Hello, at present, your situation is mainly the problem of condyloma acuminatum. This is a disease that spreads personality. It is mainly infected by papilloma virus virus in human life, which is generally easy to recur. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to rest, strengthen the body's resistance, and take antiviral drugs for treatment after frozen resection.

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