I got a message today. One of my English teachers had liver cancer, saying that it was a cadre pain.

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Oncology time: I don't know to get a message today. One of my English teachers received liver cancer, saying that cadre pain supplement instructions: I got a message today, one of my English teachers got liver cancer, saying that it was the pain of cadres pain, saying that it was the pain of cadres pain.

An Zhaowei
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Hello, patients with liver cancer need to pay attention to the diet of liver cancer: 1. It is advisable to eat foods containing trace elements and minerals, such as jujube, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, sesame seeds, and wolfs. Second, cellulose can help gastrointestinal motility and digestion and absorption. It is recommended to eat more high beams, corn, millet, rice, etc. Third, eat more carbohydrates in moderation. Fourth, intake enough vitamins. Eat more fresh vegetables such as celery and spinach

Du Huachao
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Primary liver cancer is caused by liver cirrhosis caused by viral hepatitis in my country, such as diseases such as hepatitis B, and liver cysts will not be cancer. It is recommended to take a regular review. In life, it is based on light and easy to digest diet, avoid spicy, irritating food, tobacco and alcohol, avoid pickling, smoked, grilled, fried foods. Patients with liver cancer should ensure sufficient nutritional intake, mainly with high protein, high sugar, high vitamins and low -fat diets, such as lean meat, eggs, yogurt, fresh fruit juice, etc., eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Sun Jieru
3楼-- · 2022-07-24 20:06
黄 霉 is an important carcinogenic factors in the occurrence of liver cancer. Its pollution is more common in moldy peanuts and corn. The occurrence and mortality rate of liver cancer in warm and humid areas is due to the liver cancer effect of patelomycin. In addition, drinking water pollution is related to liver cancer. Trace elements are also related to the occurrence of liver cancer. It has been reported that serum selenium horizontal liver cancer is lower than hepatic cirrhosis, liver cirrhosis is lower than chronic hepatitis, and chronic hepatitis is lower than normal people. The prognosis is good, otherwise the prognosis is poor.

Huang Shaomin
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Liver cancer refers to a malignant tumor that occurs in the liver, including primary liver cancer and metastatic liver cancer. The daily liver cancer refers to primary liver cancer. Primary liver cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in the clinic. 1. Viral hepatitis: Epidemiological statistics show that the area of ​​liver B is also a high incidence of liver cancer. The chance of liver cancer is 10 times higher. 2. Alcohol: As the saying goes, "drinking and hurting the liver", drinking is not the direct cause of liver cancer, but its role is similar to a catalyst, which can promote the occurrence and progress of liver cancer. 3. Diet -related factors: The occurrence of liver cancer is closely related to living habits. #P#The main causes of liver cancer in my country, there are viral hepatitis infections, darbin gembroken toxin pollution in food, and drinking water pollution in rural areas. The treatment of liver cancer is still the first choice for surgical resection. Early resection is the key to improving the survival rate. Tumor tumors The smaller, the higher the five -year survival rate. The active and effective treatment method for the mid -term large liver cancer, sometimes the unreserved large liver cancer is transformed into a removable smaller liver cancer. There are many methods. Based on the two -link method of arterial intubation chemotherapy

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