Condyloma acuminatum is

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Condyloma acuminatum is a supplementary explanation: Condyloma acuminatum is
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The treatment of condyloma acuminatum is divided into two steps. The first step is to remove warts. The second step is to prevent recurrence. The removal of warts can be easily available for drugs or surgical methods. It is mainly to prevent recurrence.It is the process of interferon interference virus replication. It belongs to Western medicine with certain side effects. The other is Chinese medicine that uses heat -clearing and detoxifying and nourishing qi nourishing blood. The treatment effect is significant by regulating the immune capacity.Specific diseases, this disease has a great impact on the lives of patients. There are usually the following treatment methods: 1. Surgical therapy 2. Frozen therapy 3. Laser treatment 4. Electric burning therapy 5. Microwave treatment 6. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment first occurringOr patients with recurrence should not be treated blindly. First search for \"clinical records of condyloma acuminatum\" from the Internet to learn more about the experience of rehabilitation patients and help them to treat them correctly.Essence

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