Liver cancer AFP

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Optional time: Unclear liver cancer AFP supplementary description: liver cancer AFP

Zhou Yaqin
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liver cancer AFP, AFP and AFU are important signs for checking liver cancer. If you want to diagnose whether it is liver cancer, you can combine B -ultrasound and enhance CT examinations to judge. Liver cancer is seriously ill and need to take measures as soon as possible to control the condition.

AFP is normal less than 20. Greater than 25 is abnormal. Normal liver cells do not produce AFP, and only cancer liver cells will obtain the ability to synthesize AFP. As the cancer cells doubler, the concentration of AFP can be appreciated. 70-90%of patients with primary liver cancer are positive. Therefore, liver cancer patients AFP continues to be high with the course of disease. Scholars proposed that AFP can make clinical diagnosis of primary liver cancer after eliminating the possibility of pregnancy. (The increase in AFP during pregnancy does not necessarily be liver cancer, but the increase in the increase in the sensitive response of progesterone stimulation includes high ALT)

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Liver cancer AFP, AFP, and AFU are important signs to check liver cancer, but if you want to diagnose whether he is liver cancer, you can combine B -ultrasound and enhance CT examinations to judge. Reducing these two indicators can be conditioned by ginseng saponin RH2 to enhance autoimmunity.

Jinxi Gang
3楼-- · 2022-07-24 20:12
liver cancer AFP, I can answer it for you, patients can consider using specific antitumor immunotherapy for treatment. Specific antitumor immunotherapy is currently the most advanced method for treating tumors. Patients suitable for treatment can be improved and improved. For treatment, it can identify and kill cancer cells, specifically kill cancer cells, improve autoimmunity, enhance their ability to fight cancer cells, effectively relieve the pain, and also have a good defense effect on later prevention recurrence. In addition, the patient's diet family should also pay attention.

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