Liver cancer intervention

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Wang Tianli
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Hepatic cancer intervention therapy is a scientific treatment method. Interventional treatment of local drug concentration is dozens of times higher than systemic chemotherapy, blocking tumor blood supply, simple, safe, and reliable hepatocytate intervention therapy. , Clear diagnosis, blood vessels, etc. under the circumstances of elder and weak patients of certain diseases, and can be repeated multiple times. Interventional therapy mainly includes vascular intervention therapy and non -vascular intervention therapy. Hemodenal intervention therapy is mainly hepatic arteriochemical embolism. Non -vascular intervention therapy mainly includes local treatment methods such as ablation, particle implantation. It is recommended to take ginsenoside G35 auxiliary treatment to help reduce the role of drug reduction and efficiency, shorten the treatment cycle, and reduce the pain of patients. Helps inhibit the growth of cancer cells, improve the physical condition of patients, and reduce symptoms. Strengthen human immunity and improve the quality of life of patients.

Shanghai Union Gyn
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The treatment of liver cancer is the first choice of surgical resection, and some patients can be treated with liver transplantation (no metastasis). But often found that they are more late -stages of losing surgery. In this case, intervention therapy (Tase surgery)+ablation surgery (frozen ablation-knife or radio frequency ablation) is the first choice, because simply intervention treatment cannot kill liver cancer cells (even the most successful intervention surgery, again in the original part again Biopsy can still find cancer cells). There are many successful cases in this regard, especially for large liver cancer. The healing of the knife therapy, regardless of the case or the level in the country in the country. Hope to help patients.
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secondary liver cancer is the source of diseased root (such as hepatitis B virus, drug induction, etc.). It must be relieved in the treatment of liver cancer to receive satisfactory results. Spontaneous liver cancer does not have a disease root, and the stomach pain occurs for no reason. The gastric medicine seems to be wrong. It lasts about a year. Suddenly evil changes occur. At this time, the stomach of the stomach was blocked, abdominal distension, and the abdominal wall was hard. One or more nodular shapes were produced in the liver, which was called spontaneous liver cancer. Self -spontaneous treatment of liver cancer can be successful. With my many years of clinical treatment experience, the whole treatment process uses Chinese herbal medicine (the taste of the medicine is light and no side effects). During the peak period, take the medicine for 12 hours, take the medicine twice a day, and the lesions of the liver area have improved significantly within 24 hours.

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