Chinese medicine liver cancer

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Optional time: Unclear explanation of traditional Chinese medicine liver cancer supplement: TCM liver cancer

Ma Zhiwei
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Liver cancer is a comprehensive pathogenic factor, which is closely related to genetic factors, family history, self -immune function, living habits, and personality. The liver is abolished and evil depression, so patients must maintain a good attitude. The metabolic metabolism of traditional Chinese medicine is mainly disorders of the liver, spleen and kidney, and the main water of the spleen, the main water of the spleen, and the main water of the kidney. Our treatment first supports righteousness to improve the positive qi of patients, at the same time, relieve liver and qi, promote blood circulation and blood stasis stasis. Spleening spleen, reducing the symptoms of patients, controlling the development of the disease, or making the mass slower, and even reduced the mass.

Xie Lili
2楼-- · 2022-07-22 17:08
Chinese medicine is a common auxiliary method for cancer treatment. In order to extend the lives of patients with liver cancer, patients can take ginsenoside RH2. It can increase the number of white blood cells in the human body, inhibit the recurrence of tumors, and enhance resistance. It is a traditional Chinese medicine that can be taken for patients. Usually, you should also pay attention to: patients with liver cancer should maintain a comfortable lying position when they are resting on a rest. Generally, the left lying position and supine position should be preferably to prevent pressure on the liver. Encourage liver cancer patients to do what they can do with their ability to transfer bad emotions and self -conditioning mentality, such as practicing qigong, walking, and listening science popularization.

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