Condyloma acuminatum condyloma acuminatum?IntersectionIntersection

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Condyloma acuminatum condyloma acuminatum?IntersectionIntersectionSupplementary description: Condyloma acuminatum condyloma acuminatum?IntersectionIntersection
Xia Xiaofeng
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It is recommended to go to the hospital on a regular basis. It is very helpful to you.
2楼-- · 2022-07-13 15:41
It is recommended that you treat it. If you grow up in the urethra, it will affect urination. #P#Pure pain does not rule out the side effects of laser after laser. Generally, physical therapy and interferon can only remove surface warts. Although interferon has antisidies in theory, interferon does not directly kill directly to kill directly. Virus, search for HPV positive according to the WeChat public account, it just interferes with a certain link in the growth and reproduction of the virus, and it has no specificity for human papilloma virus that causes condyloma acuminatum. Therefore, interferon treatment cannot control condyloma acuminatum warts Recurrence.
Field army
3楼-- · 2022-07-13 15:44
Concperial acuminatum condyloma acuminatum? Intersection Intersection Concantitinum warts are one of the three most common diseases at present. Patients usually discover one or more \"sarcoma\" that is not painful and itchy in accidentally discovering the genitals or other places. Men often occur at glans, penis, foreskin, foreskin lace, urethral opening, etc. Any disease must be found early, early prevention, and early treatment. It is the foundation of maintaining health. In severe cases, we must go to a professional male hospital for treatment. The content of the network content is very limited. Maybe your questions have not been answered. Please go to our hospital as soon as possible.
Huang Shaomin
4楼-- · 2022-07-13 16:00
You can only go to the hospital to check it.

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